Pottawatomie County

Public Safety Center

Visitation Policy:


    For Inmate family or friends visitation:
  • All visitors must meet all criteria listed under "Criteria" below in order to qualify for visitation with an inmate.
  • Visitation day is Saturday ONLY.
  • Visitation times are 20 minute slots from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Visitations MUST be SCHEDULED 48 hours in advance.
  • Visitation scheduling is done on Thursdays ONLY from 9 am to 4 pm by calling 405-214-2455. If Thursday falls on a Holiday, the preceding work day will be the day to schedule visitation.
  • Do not leave voice mails for visitation. These calls WILL NOT be returned; you must speak to a live person.
  • Call volume is high during scheduling times. Your patience is appreciated. Profanity, yelling or disrespect at staff will cause your call to be terminated immediately.
  • At all times visitors are to exhibit proper behavior. This includes compliance with all laws; appropriate language, dress, actions and attitude. Failure to comply with this rule WILL result in loss of visitation.
  • No unauthorized contact with inmates is allowed. This includes gestures, yelling and speaking through windows and doors both on the inside and outside of the building. Failure to comply with this rule WILL result in loss of visitation.
  • You are required to arrive a minimum of 5 minutes prior to visitation start time.
  • If you are scheduled for a time and do not call to cancel your visitation prior to start time, you will be noted as a "No call / No Show". After two (2) NO Call NO Shows you WILL lose visitation privileges. EXCESSIVE Cancellations will also RESULT in Loss of visitation privileges.
  • If you are late for your scheduled visitation the number of minutes you are late will be deducted from your visitation time. If you are 10 or more minutes late your visit WILL be canceled and this visit will be recorded as a "No Call / No Show"
  • After two (2) visits canceled due to tardiness you will be suspended from visitation.
  • NO CELLPHONES, purses, bags, etc. Allowed in visitation area. Failure to comply with these rules will result in termination of visit and suspension of future visitation.

    Special Visitation

  • A special visitor is usually an out of state visitor. However, there are other requirements.
  • Visitors must meet the requirements by policy for these visits. Contact the facility to determine if you qualify.


  • Once qualified for special visits all special visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Criteria for All Visitation

  • All inmates have a seven (7) day waiting period prior to being eligible for visitation privileges.
  • Visitation is a Privilege; only inmates and visitors using proper conduct will be granted this privilege.
  • The inmate is given a visitor sheet at the time of booking. It is at the inmate's discretion to complete this list.

  • The inmate must place each visitor on his or her list.
  • In order to schedule visits you must be on the inmate's visitation sheet.
  • The inmate must place you on their visitation sheet.
  • All inmates may submit one (1) visitation sheet every 30 days. This applies to all changes and additions to current lists. All new lists supersede previous lists. An inmate must include all names EACH time they submit a new list.
  • All visitors on this list must submit information for a complete background check.
  • This background check can take up to 72 hours to complete.
  • A visitor may advance this process by providing (at their own expense) a CURRENT O.S.B.I. background on themselves to the administration offices. These can be obtained through the O.S.B.I office in Oklahoma City. Current background is defined as any complete O.S.B.I. check conducted and cleared in the past three (3) months.
  • NOTE: for the security of visitor personal information, all backgrounds are shredded any time an inmate leaves the facility. This means that visitors will be required to provide information and complete another background check if the inmate returns to the facility, even after only a short time.
  • NO Visitor under the age of 14 years old is allowed. Special requirements to qualify any minor (age 14 and up only) visitors. Contact the facility in regards to those pre-scheduling requirements.
  • No person who has been incarcerated in the PCPSC facility will be allowed to return as a visitor for a period of one (1) year from the date of their release.

Clothing Policy

All visitors are expected to be dressed in appropriate attire. Failure to comply with this policy WILL result in your visit being canceled. Continued non-compliance will result in visitation suspension.

  • No Mid-riff (stomach) baring clothing
  • No cleavage may show; this includes shirts which expose it when leaning or bending forward.
  • No sagging or baggy pants
  • No over-sized coats, jackets, or clothing.
  • No under garments exposed including, but not limited to, underwear & bras
  • No see-through clothing of any kind
  • No tube tops, tank tops, strapless clothing, or spaghetti strap clothing.
  • No backless clothing
  • No jeans or clothing with holes or skin above the knee exposed
  • No short shorts or skirts. All shorts, skirts and dresses must be at the knee or longer.

    Clergy visits

  • By Scheduled Appointment Only. These are scheduled only on week days 8 am - 4 pm, excluding holidays. Prior approval is required. Contact the facility for more information regarding requirements and rules.

    Official Visitors

  • These include, but are not limited to, attorneys, investigators, law enforcement, child welfare, etc


Proper ID (photo) is required in addition to other official ID. This varies for each type of visitor. Contact the facility for more information about these requirements. Visits generally are scheduled week days only from 8 am to 4 pm and limited to one (1) hour. Additional time may be available with prior arrangements contact the facility for more information.